Storm Sends Large Tree Through Duplin County Home

Storm damage affected several areas across the east late Friday afternoon. Heavy wind and rain came through from the western part of the state.

Working after dark to attach a tarp to cover his house isn't how Rodney Shepard planned to spend his Friday night.

Shepard says, "I heard this loud bang, enough that it shook my house, scared me to death. I didn't know if we got hit by lightning, or if a tornado had hit."

Around 2 p.m., Shepard says a massive tree from the front yard fell on his house during the storms.

"It hit through my little girls room. If they'd have been in there sleeping, it'd have killed them both," says Shepard.

Shepard's 18-month-old son was with him in the house and out of harm's way when the tree fell. Fortunately, his 10-year-old and 6-year-old daughters were at school.

The homeowner, along with his cousin and brother in-law, were working quickly to attach a tarp Friday night. Shepard says a situation like this isn't something you expect.

Over in Greene County in Stantonsburg, crews worked to repair a power pole that was snapped when a tree fell on its power lines.

Neighbors told WITN they didn't have power, but that it's a trade off they'd gladly take to avoid the circumstance that Shepard and his family are now in.