Storm Delays North Topsail Beach Nourishment Project

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If you have an ocean view along the North Carolina coast you come to expect beach erosion, but after this weekend's storm one man says its the worst he's ever seen.

Ed Boyle has owned his home at North Topsail Beach in Onslow County for 15 years, and while he's seen his fair share of storms, he says damage has never been this bad. All weekend long waves pounded at the foundation of his home. Eventually the entire bottom of his house collapsed.

The coastal storm came at a terrible time. The town had plans to build a dune and pump in sand in front of Boyle's neighborhood this past weekend. Those plans are delayed because of the weather.

While Sandy started this mess, the current storm in the Atlantic really finished it off. His pipes washed out to sea and right now has no water. If the waves keep churning it could get a lot worse.

"I'm worried about losing these steps right here. If I lose these steps then I lose access to my house." said Boyle.

Now Ed is just waiting for the weather to calm down a bit again so he can get access to his pipes and hopefully fix them so he can get that water turned back on.

The town clerk tells us the beach nourishment project should only be delayed a week. They are set to start Saturday.