Stocking Up, Just In Case

Some stores we visited were a little busier than normal Tuesday night with folks picking up items they need so they'll be prepared for whatever mother nature throws our way.

We stopped at the Piggly Wiggly off Hooker Road in Greenville throughout the day. It was noticeably busier after work with people buying some of the necessities they need. Some said while they weren't necessarily concerned about a big snow event, they were concerned about the cold and the possibility of losing power.

Pitt County Emergency Management Director Noel Lee says, "In this type of situation we will have colder than normal temperatures with the inversions coming in and of course tomorrow not getting above freezing -- that we're looking at that possibility -- to say it's going to happen hopefully it's not -- but we always need to be prepared."

With the below freezing temperatures, it's always a good reminder to bring in pets as well.