Stink Causes McCrory To Remodel Capitol Office Restroom

North Carolina taxpayers spent about $19,000 to remodel a restroom in Gov. Pat McCrory's office at the State Capitol last summer following complaints about a bad smell.

The Republican canceled plans last week to spend $230,000 in state funds to remodel six bathrooms in the historic Executive Mansion in Raleigh following public outcry. The Associated Press reported the work was to include more than $100,000 in new fixtures, marble and tile for McCrory's master bathroom.

Spokeswoman Kim Genardo says the old Capitol restroom required work because a "pungent odor" made it embarrassing to host dignitaries. She says the facilities needed new flooring, tiles and plumbing because of poor maintenance under prior administrations.

McCrory faced criticism for planning the pricey mansion remodeling while demanding belt-tightening for public schools and social programs.

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