State Inspectors Testing "Bad Gas" From Jones County Station

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When you stop to fill up at a gas station, you expect what's labeled on the pumps is what's going into your tank. But some drivers in the east say that's not what happened when they filled their tanks at one gas station in Jones County, and it's causing major problems. State inspectors visited a Trenton gas station Tuesday morning to see if there is really a problem.

Many drivers pumped gasoline into their tanks Tuesday at the C-Mart BP gas station off James Street in Trenton, unaware of a problem.

County Manager Franky Howard said they,"Got the diesel mixed up with the gasoline, so not a good thing."

Tests have yet to confirm that is exactly what happened, or if it was just bad gas. That's what a service manager at one car dealership told us who's working on several vehicles that fueled up at the station last week.

Driver John Graham filled up $96 worth Tuesday and was shocked to hear what happened.

Graham's reaction was, “Is that right? My gosh, that was a disaster for these folks."

The county manager says 5 of the sheriff’s department’s 20 cars are affected.

"It started causing some problems so we sent it over to the Ford dealership to get it checked out," said Howard.

The gas station told WITN that the problem has since been fixed.

"We know the state has come in and took samples of the fuel to try to get answers for us," said Howard.

Drivers tell WITN the station says they will reimburse them for the gas but not the repairs. For drivers like Graham he is starting to question the gasoline he bought Tuesday.

“I wish I would have known this before," said Graham.

We spoke to the state inspector who says the test from Tuesday came back normal. Now they will test the gasoline being pumped out of the vehicles that have had problems.