Stan White Wants To Re-Take Senate District 1 Seat

A former state senator who lost by just 20 votes two years ago says he is running for office again.

Stan White, a Democrat from Dare County, announced his candidacy for the senate District 1 seat Monday morning.

In 2012, White lost to Republican Bill Cook in the eight county district.

White says the rural district has been hurt by the GOP-controlled legislature, even though they ran on a platform of economic growth and job creation.

"For example, the GOP state budget lays off thousands of teacher assistants while increasing class sizes and freezing teacher pay," said White. "Their budget raids millions of dollars from our public schools for a voucher program to fund private schools. By blocking the Medicaid expansion, the Republican legislature will put our rural public hospitals in a dangerous financial pinch and at risk of having to shut their doors."

White says the district is also receiving millions less in state highway funds because of changes to the way that money is now allocated.

Cook, who is from Beaufort County, is expected to seek another term next year.