Spring & Pollen Both In The Air

The warm temperatures this week are a sign that spring is in the air, but unfortunately, so is pollen.

Allergists say that April and May are typically the worst months of the year for allergy sufferers and this month is expected to live up to that reputation.

Greenville allergist Paul Mehlhop says the allergy season has been delayed slightly by the cold weather this year, but that his office has seen a steady increase in patients in recent days.

Dr. Mehlhop says that trees like elms and boxelders are producing pollen right now and pine trees should start releasing pollen very soon. He says it's hard to say whether the delayed pollen season will be any better or worse than other years, but adds that the way we respond to pollen depends more on us than on the timing of pollen season.

Dr. Mehlhop says, "I think that there are also just changes in peoples sensitivities over times. So I think that one season to another, there are a lot of things that affect the timing of onset and also the severity."

Dr. Mehlhop says that tree pollen will be an issue for much of April followed by grass pollens into late May or early June.