UPDATE: Pamlico County Water Pressure Advisory Rescinded

A water pressure advisory has been lifted for an area of Pamlico County, following what the Sheriff's Office says was a purposely damaged line.

Pamlico County Manager Timothy Buck says that the water system has been restored to near capacity and that samples collected were found to be free of coliform bacteria.

The advisory went out back on December 5th. The Pamlico County Sheriff's Office says someone used a probe to punch a hole in the pipe at the intersection of janiero and kershaw Roads, causing hundreds of people in the Oriental area to have low pressure.

The water department says this was the 6th incident in as many weeks.

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Deputies say someone is purposely damaging underground water lines and now there's a criminal investigation underway.

Pamlico County deputies say water pipes are being damaged by placing a probe into the ground and punching a hole in the pipe. The damage is happening to pipes next to roadways, near fire hydrants or cut-off valves.

A news release says there's no indication that attempts were made to contaminate the water system, and no contamination has been found.

The damage has caused several water outages, the latest vandalism today.

The water main on Kershaw Road, from Highway 55 to Janiero Road, was damaged. Residents of that area are now being asked to boil their water. It includes Oriental Plantation Subdivision, Teaches Coves Road, Buccaneer Bay Subdivision, Buccaneer Bay West and Green Bay Marina.

Deputies say anyone who sees suspicious activity along roads or near water system lines should call 911 or 252-745-3101.