Some Sick Of The Rain, Others Reap The Benefits

With rainfall totals running anywhere from four to eight inches aboVE normal thanks to ten straight days of rain, some people are are sick of all the wet weather, while others are enjoying bountiful gardens.

Josh Rountree told us he would rather spend his summer along the banks of the Contentnea Creek in Pitt County fishing, although on Monday the creek looked more like a river. Rountree says, "With the water really high you really can't go fishing they way it is cause the water is so strong."

All that rain is creating an abundance of produce in Margaret and Thurman Nelson's garden. Margaret says, "The rain has been great, however, we could use a little bit of the dry weather for a day or two now cause it hinders our picking"

Nelson says the noticeable effect of the rain manifested in her sweet corn crop. "It came up earlier than I expected it. Normally sweet corn comes off July 1st, but we actually, we started off with it two weeks ago, so we finished that up last Friday."

WITN meteorologist Jim Howard says he's heard that as well. Howard says, "A few days ago a farmer stopped me and said, Jim, the corn crop is the best they've looked in 8 to 10 years."

But what's not looking that great, Jim says, are local waterways, especially the Contentnea Creek in Grifton, which could spill over its banks this week.

The good news is, the Contentnea Creek will start to recede on Friday.