Some In The East Concerned Over New Road Funding Plan

The governor introduced a new way to fund transportation projects to create more jobs and connect people to better opportunities, but some folks in the east are worried urban projects in Charlotte and Raleigh would get priority over new roads we need here in the east.

Back in the eighties the state introduced the current plan--spreading money evenly across the state. Governor McCrory's new plan is designed to favor areas with the biggest needs.

Mccrory says the new "strategic mobility formula will fund at least 260 projects and create 240,000 jobs over the next ten years.

Hugh Overholt is on the NC Board of Transportation and says, "We're going to have to compete and work harder and put our case out there that we need these roads and that we have been waiting for them for a long time."

The DOT says the new formula will benefit metro areas that need help with congestion and safety issues, while providing more investments in small towns to help improve access to medical services, economic centers and education.