Some Experience Delay In Getting Food Stamps

Some people across NC who rely on food stamps are running into a little problem this month.

A new statewide system change means some residents are getting their food stamps late.

In Pitt County nearly 35,000 people get food stamps each month. Pitt County Social Services director George Perry says because of a mandatory computer system that was launched back in October called NC Fast, all food stamp applicants must reapply in order to continue getting them. Officials say the process can take up to 30 days.

Perry suggests residents who are waiting on their food stamps can go to the Salvation Army or any food bank in the east until their cards come in. Perry says, "Be patient. Understand that it is a new system and it will take time to get all the information in but we are working as fast as we can to get it accomplished."

Starting in October, Perry says Medicaid will also undergo a system change, which could cause delays for residents who are not already in the system.