Snow In Charlotte Causing Flight Cancellations In Greenville

The snow in Greenville may be gone, but you still won't have much luck if you're trying to fly out of the city.

Pitt Greenville Airport Director Jerry Vickers says their runway is clear. Although, Vickers explains that all the planes are in Charlotte where snow is still a concern.

As a result, no one is able to fly in or out of Greenville and flights were cancelled again on Thursday.

Vickers says the airport began cancelling flights late Monday night. He says he hopes passengers will be able to fly out Friday morning.

Some passengers like Loretta Sherrod tell WITN that they're frustrated.

Sherrod says, "I've been trying to go since Tuesday and I'm very, very, very disappointed. I don't want to cry. I'm not going to cry again. I've been crying for two days."

Sherrod says her Tuesday morning flight has been rescheduled to Friday morning. She's keeping her fingers crossed that the flight is on time.