Snow Hill Family Looks To Service Dog To Improve Neurobehavioral Disorders

A mother's journey to treat her daughter's neurobehavioral disorders with something other than medication has led her to an adorable 13-month-old puppy.

Jessica Byrd says her daughter Emily was diagnosed at age 3 with Extreme Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Emily also has Impulse Disorder and autistic tendencies.

The family has been on a continuous path of trying to treat Emily with medication, but recently they've tried a different approach.

"To her, Greta is just her best friend," explains Jessica.

Greta is a Pit Bull Terrier pup, which entered their lives about six months ago. Jessica says Greta is more than just a friend to her young daughter and that the puppy has had an uncanny effect on her disorders.

Greta is currently being trained as a service dog.

"She was very calm and at ease and picked up easily on what was asked of her," says Veterinarian Dr. Megan Antes.

But for Greta to become fully trained as a service dog, it's going to cost a lot: nearly $20,000, according to Emily's mother.

The training process for the service dogs happens in five stages and each stage costs roughly $4,000. The family has started fundraising and the community has already showed their support with donations.

Jessica Byrd can be reached at (919) 632-8675. For more information on how you can help, click the related link.