Snow Days Are A Pain For Some Craven County Parents

North Carolina didn't get nearly as much snow as other parts of the country, but it doesn't take much for a snow day here in the East.

Kids love the days off school, but it isn't always easy for parents.

Shirin Scotten, a working mom, said, "I had some friends who had to call in their grandparents and said 'Can you come over and get the kids?' There are some others who called their neighbors and coworkers."

Craven County Schools closed on Wednesday, leaving some working parents scrambling about what to do with their kids.

Kasey Coon was lucky enough to have Wednesday off work. She said she was able to stay home with her daughter Charley. Coon was also kind enough to watch her neighbors two kids.

Coon said, "It's hard. Having kids, you're already missing enough work with them being sick."