Smoke Testing In Jacksonville Monday Through Thursday

Jacksonville utility crews will use smoke testing to check for sewer cracks this week.

Crews will be working in the Northwoods area from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. today through Thursday. Jacksonville officials say if you see smoke in your home during this time, you need to call a plumber.

Anyone with questions on this should call the city of Jacksonville Engineering Department at (910) 938-5249.

Below is a list of the streets within or which run through the area being affected:

Aztee Dr.
Barn St.
Bosco Ct.
Bosco Dr.
Carmen Ave.
Chatham Ct.
Cheyenne Rd.
Clyde Dr.
Creekview Dr.
David Pl.
Davis St.
Deborah Pl.
Decatur Rd.
Doris Ave.
E Doris Ave.
E Saltwood Pl.
Elm St.
Estate Dr.
Fenton Pl.
Gum Branch Rd.
Henderson Dr.
Hickory Ct.
Janie Ave.
Jarman St.
Jld Rd.
Julia Ct.
Lewis St.
Lionel Ave.
Mitchell Rd.
Oak Ln.
Onsville Dr.
Page Dr.
Pelletier Pl.
Plaza Dr.
Plaza Manor Ct.
Quality Ln.
Ramona Ave.
River St.
Saint Anne Ln.
Schall Pl.
School St.
Seminole Trl.
Valley Ct.
Vernon Dr.
W Saltwood Pl.
White St.
Williams St.