Smoke Testing In Holly Ridge

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ONWASA says the solution to a wastewater collection system issue starts with smoke.

Onslow Water and Sewer Authority say Thursday and Friday of this week, crews will be testing the wastewater collection system in and around Holly Ridge.

Officials say in the last few years, the system has shown indications of problems with infiltration and inflow. Crews said smoke testing will help determine which areas need the most attention.

While ONWASA says the smoke is non-toxic, it recommends residents let each faucet in their homes run a bit on Thursday and Friday mornings to ensure the drain taps are full and prevent smoke from getting into the home.

The testing is set to run along the following highway and streets:

-US 17
- Jones Street
- Lloyd Street
- Holly Street
- Camp Davis Road
- Ocean Road
- Green Street
- Dyson Street
- Cole Street
- Furneys Aly
- Sound Road
- Hines Street
- Circle Drive
- Smith Street
- Kraft Street
- Burns Street
- Crawford Street

Officials said if residents in the Holly Ridge area have any concerns, they are asked to call the Operations Center at (910)-455-0722.