"Sleepy Hollow" Back In New Bern

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A new television thriller is taking cameras back to the streets of the colonial capital this week.

The locations department for the new TV series "Sleepy Hollow" sent a notice to residents in the historic downtown New Bern area that crews would be back Tuesday, September 24th through Friday the 27th.

In that notice, crews said filming would be predominately at Kafer Park on George Street and Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Production trucks already lined George Street near Tryon Palace on Monday. Those vehicles included a "corner's van" from the fictional version of Westchester County, a setting for the series.

Crews said they would be clearing parking in the 600 block of George Street and along the west side of the 300 block of Queen Street.

The City of New Bern is working with production staff for intermittent traffic control through the next few days of taping.