Sinkhole Devours Beaufort Intersection

A huge sinkhole has closed down a Beaufort intersection.

Town officials say crews were doing storm water maintenance early this morning and they noticed a small sinkhole.

As they began to unearth it they found a big mess underground. The intersection of Live Oak and Anne streets is shut down.

The hole right now is about 20 feet long by six feet, and is about 5-1/2 feet deep.

Officials say the sinkhole happened after a leak in a 10-inch storm water line. Over time, that leak scoured out the soil around it.

They have no idea how long the 40-year-old terra cotta pipe has been leaking. Crews are replacing the old line with PVC pipe and hope to be finished later today.

Water and sewer service to area homes are not affected by the sinkhole.