Shoppers Flock To Black Friday Sales

Finding the best Black Friday deals started Thursday evening for many shoppers as some major stores opened earlier than ever to get a jump on the holiday shopping season.

It is unclear how many shoppers were drawn to the earlier openings versus the traditional Black Friday hours. But a survey this month found about 17 percent planned to shop at stores that opened on Thanksgiving.

Lines formed at some stores in Eastern Carolina as early as Tuesday. So far, we've not had any reports of any Black Friday shopping issues.

Shoppers we talked to Friday said everything seemed very calm. In fact, some said they were disappointed that the excitement seemed to be missing from this year's event.

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Shoppers here in Eastern Carolina are sticking to their plans and hanging tough in lines for Black Friday deals.

The line at the Best Buy in Greenville has doubled since Wednesday.

People in line tell WITN they are missing their family, but that family members are bringing them Thanksgiving dinner. Some were upset they would miss Thanksgiving football.

People we spoke with tell us a big draw is a Toshiba 40-inch television priced below $200.

At the Best Buy in Jacksonville, the first person showed up with a tent around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Others quickly followed and as of Wednesday there were about eight people outside the store which opens at midnight Thanksgiving night.

Ed Kautz says he's been doing this for seven years and this is his fourth year that he's been first in line.

"We've got a tent right here, we've got sleeping bags in there, we've got a blowup mattress, back over there we've got our table, we've got our stove. We've got all of our equipment that we need to survive over the next couple of days," said Kautz.

Kautz says he's buying a 40-inch TV and a laptop. And what about Thanksgiving dinner? The man says his wife will pick up dinner at Golden Corral and bring it there for them to eat.