NEW INFO: Shooting In Ayden Under Investigation

Authorities are investigating a shooting that happened in Ayden Wednesday night.

Pitt county dispatchers say they sent police to Lee Street just before 11:30 p.m.

A police report says 35-year-old Robino Holden was attacked while inside a vehicle on High Street. The owner of the vehicle tells WITN News that Holden was a passenger in her car, and the driver had stopped on High Street and went into a home. She says at that point Holden got into the driver's seat. The woman says that's when her friend noticed bright lights coming up behind the car and gunfire erupted. Holden then drove to her home on Lee Street where the woman called 911.

Police say two bullets were found inside the vehicle. The vehicle's owner says her friend was grazed in the back by one of the bullets and is doing okay.

The Pitt County Sheriff's office was told to be on the lookout for two men in a white Ford Ranger after the shooting.