Shooting On Shoppers Minds A Week Later

The shootings last Friday outside of the Kellum Law Firm and Walmart on Greenville Boulevard in Greenville are still very much on the minds of Walmart shoppers there.

Arteesha Harper was at Walmart shopping Thursday and is all too familiar with what happened last week. She says, "Actually, we were here the day it happened, just 5 minutes before the shooting started and, um, I just thank God we got out of here before we saw any of that."

Harper says she's glad her children did not have to witness what happened, and says she's glad those injured are recovering.

Joan Koernert was shopping at Walmart Thursday and said, "I thought about that when I was in there today, would I run to a certain area or you know if it was less crowded, whatever. I guess, since it's still fresh, you be on your toes a little bit and listen out for things."

Police arrested and charged 23-year-old Lakim Faust with shooting four people.

Harper says while it was all scary, "You have to walk by faith and not by fear, so we're here."