COUNTY MANAGER: Sheriff's Son Seen Using County Gas Pumps Before

A county manager says there have been reports that the sheriff's son has used county gas pumps more than on just one occasion.

As we first reported last week, Billy Sawyer III was charged with misdemeanor larceny. He is the son of Pamlico County Sheriff Billy Sawyer.

At the time, the sheriff said his son was low on gas in his pickup truck, so he used the sheriff's gas key to get three gallons from the county's pump.

But in a news release Monday, County Manager Tim Buck said health department staff witnessed the younger Sawyer using the county pumps multiple times over a two week period.

The 18-year-old was charged after the district attorney was consulted.

The sheriff told us in the past he's caught at least four people filling up personal vehicles, but the county decided not to press charges in those cases. The county manager says to current staff's best knowledge, this was the first theft of county gasoline to happen in the past eight years.

The younger Sawyer has a June 27th court date.

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The son of a sheriff is accused of stealing gasoline from the county.

Billy Sawyer III has been charged with misdemeanor larceny.

Pamlico County Sheriff Billy Sawyer says his 18-year-old son was arrested after he allegedly used his father's gas key Friday at the county pump and put three gallons in his pickup truck. The sheriff says his son's vehicle was low on gas and put enough in his tank to make it to a convenience store.

After being alerted to it, Sawyer says he went to the district attorney who decided the son should be charged with misdemeanor larceny. Afterward, the 18-year-old offered to reimburse the county ten times what was taken.

The sheriff says in the past he has caught at least four people filling up personal vehicles at the county pump and none of them were ever charged. Sawyer says in those cases the county decided not to press charges.

County Manager Tim Buck says county employees each have an assigned key to the pumps. He says while there is a camera at the jail that can pick up activity, they are looking at making improvements to curb any more thefts. Buck says that includes instituting a card system for employees in the future.

The younger Sawyer has a June 27th court date.