Seymour Johnson Cancels Air Show Due To Sequestration

The threat of sequestration has prompted Seymour Johnson to cancel this year's air show at the Air Force base.

Wings Over Wayne was scheduled for May 18-19 in Goldsboro.

"Our decision to cease planning for the 2013 air show comes after careful review and consideration of the fiscal challenges the Air Force, the Department of Defense and our nation face," said Col. Jeannie Leavitt, 4th Fighter Wing commander. "We're taking prudent measures and doing our best to mitigate our budget risks and align available resources with current and emerging operational requirements. Remaining as mission-ready as possible and preserving our combat capability is our imperative and we're prioritizing spending to ensure this priority is met."

If Congress can't reach an agreement, a series of sudden, deep cuts in military and domestic spending kicks in.

The Air Force says while the dollar savings initially is low, cancelling the air show would enable them to reallocate resources to their primary mission of combat readiness training. Other Air Force bases have also cancelled their air shows.

Seymour Johnson says no dates have been set for future Wings Over Wayne Air Shows.