Severe Weather Awareness Week Stresses Being Prepared

Being prepared for the worst can go a long way in staying safe during severe weather and that's the message the National Weather Service is trying to drive home during this severe weather awareness week.

Experiencing and surviving severe weather is something many here in Eastern Carolina know all too well.

Folks who live on Little Kinston road outside of Pelletier are still recovering from a tornado that destroyed their neighborhood nearly 10 months ago.

The EF1 tornado damaged 71 homes and leveled 4 others.

According to the National Weather Service, tornadoes can happen any time of year here in the east and we should be prepared for the worst.

Lavonne Ramsey live through that tornado and says, "Don't underestimate mother nature. She could take what you have in a second and it could be gone. I learned that when everything was outside in a rubble. Some was found in the river. Just don't take mother nature for granted. Take your precautions and listen to the weather authorities."

The National Weather Service will draw attention to all types of severe weather readiness throughout the week with tornado drills on Wednesday.