Two Arrested After Deputies Raid Large Meth Lab On Pink Hill Farm

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Officials say a man who already did prison time twice for manufacturing methamphetamine was busted again Thursday night running a large meth operation on a farm in Pink Hill on Highway 11.

Lenoir County Sheriff Chris Hill says a large amount of methamphetamine was confiscated and two people have been arrested.

Ralph "Fast Eddie" Stroud was charged with possessing and manufacturing methamphetamine, along with possessing and distributing meth precursors, while Lisa Futrell is charged with felony possession of meth.

The sheriff says other charges are likely pending SBI lab results.

Sheriff Hill says about 6:30 p.m. Thursday deputies raided the major meth lab on a farm at 5626 Highway 11 in Pink Hill which will take a while to clean up do to very dangerous chemicals in the barn where the meth was being cooked.

Sheriff Hill says Stroud has already been to prison twice for manufacturing methamphetamine.

Deputies say this time he was cooking in a barn that is part of a large farm. Investigators say he lives there with at least one other person. Sheriff Hill says Stroud also owns a local junkyard.

Hill says the bust came after a 4 month operation by 20 officers.
The SBI, Duplin County Sheriff's Office, Pink Hill Fire Department, Lenoir County EMS, and Lenoir County fire marshal all helped with the raid.

He says Stroud was producing ammonia from fertilizer creating harmful chemicals which could take days to cleanup.

Stroud is being held on a $200,000 bond. The 44-year-old Futrell was released on a $5,000 bond.