Senate Candidate Makes A Stop In The East

A U.S. Senate hopeful kicked off his campaign early in Greenville Wednesday as the election is 20 months away.

Republican Greg Brannon spoke to a small crowd about his political positions as part of his "Restore the American Dream" kickoff campaign.

Brannon is a doctor from Cary who describes himself as a pro-life tea party leader.

Brannon is vying for the Republican nomination in next year's election for Democrat Kay Hagan's seat.

In Greenville Brannon said, "We just cannot go down the path we're going of central planners who are eliminating the individual. Our country is founded on the individual over the collective. And what's great about our country is, it's all written down. We have to have the energy to go back and read those seven whole pages of the constitution and the page that declares independence."

Brannon also planned stops in Wilmington, Raleigh, and Greensboro Wednesday.