Scientist Bitten By Alligator: "It Was A Little Out Of My Size Range"

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The Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium scientist who tried to move an alligator appeared on the TODAY Show Friday morning, calling the alligator attack caught on tape "not a good example of my best work."

Dr. Fred Boyce opened the interview with an admission about his nerves about appearing on television. "Don't take this personally," Boyce told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, "But I may have been more comfortable in the ditch with the alligator than I am right now."

Physically, Boyce says his arm is feeling fine a few days after the bite from an eight-foot alligator, which he says was a "little out of my size range to be doing by myself."

When asked by Boyce tried to move the alligator, he revealed he acted out of safety concerns. "The alligator was in someone's front yard, and there was a house with small children nearby." He also noted the nearby highway with traffic could have resulted in the alligator getting hit by a car.

Boyce also revealed when he went to where the alligator was, he was not expecting to be the one moving the alligator. "I was told some wildlife officials would be there responding. I was expecting to take some pictures, see an alligator and lend a hand if they needed one," Boyce said. Once on scene, Boyce said he was told the wildlife officials would not be coming.

Boyce says he has "back-jumped" alligators before, which is what he was attempting to do when the alligator bit him. "I didn't feel good about doing this, to tell you the truth. This was a big alligator."

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The Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium scientist who tried to move an alligator and was bitten is getting national attention.

Dr. Fred Boyce is scheduled to be on the TODAY show Friday morning after the video showing him being bitten by the alligator went viral. The aquarium said Boyce was off duty when he volunteered to go to the scene Tuesday night out of concern for the alligator because it had been injured. You can hear what Boyce has to say about the alligator encounter Friday morning on the TODAY show on WITN.