School Working To Figure Out Make-Up Days

Most schools and colleges around the east have been out since Tuesday and that means officials now have to come up with a plan to make up the missed class time.

We checked several school districts across the east on Friday. They said plans for make-up days aren't set just yet.

Pitt County has not come up with a definitive plan right now on what days they'll choose to use.

Some students worry spring break, or even Saturdays, will be an option.

Pitt County Schools Public Information Officer Brock Letchworth says, "We understand families, and we're family people, we understand how make-up days can be an inconvenience at times, but we have to make these days up and we're going to do what ever we can to have these make-up days at a time that's the least inconvenience for families."

Pitt County Schools say they'll wait until next week to announce make-up days.