School Boards: NC Budget Cuts Create Classroom Staffing Challenges

School boards across the state are assessing the new state budget and how it will affect schools.

Craven County Schools has not announced any layoffs, but after a special meeting Wednesday released a statement.
"The district can no longer absorb positions through attrition based on the cuts we are faced with for 2013 and 2014. As the board continues to evaluate the budget and the devastating effect it will have on our school family, they are very concerned on the direct hit it will have on the classroom and to all involved in public education statewide."

Onslow County Schools says it is seeing a several million dollar spike in cuts from last year. The chief financial officer Jeff Hollomnan says last school year cuts were $6.3 million. This year he says that number has grown by more than $3 million to $9.4 million. Those cuts translate to a loss of money for textbooks and teacher materials.

Holloman says that around 169 positions will not be funded for teachers, teacher assistants and instructional support. Though that may sound like layoffs officials say that it isn't.

"We're not looking at layoffs but ultimately we will have to look at resource availability with regards to our staffing levels over the long term," said Holloman.