Scam Alert: A Warning From The FBI

The FBI has warned of an elaborate hoax where you can end up downloading malware on your computer that says you have been identified as visiting child pornography websites.

The FBI said the ransomware lures you to a drive-by download website, at which time the ransomware is installed to your computer. Once installed, the computer freezes and a screen is displayed warning the user they have violated United States federal law. The message further declares your IP address was identified by the Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section as visiting child pornography and other illegal content.

To unlock the computer, you're instructed to pay a $100 fine to the U.S. Department of Justice using prepaid money card services. After hacking into your computer, the malware also has the ability to steal your personal information to wipe out your bank account.

If this happens to you, the FBI says to call your bank and file a complaint at