SOLE SUSPECT: Police Say Greenville Man Steals Shoes At Gunpoint

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Police said they tracked an armed robber to his home after the man stole shoes in the parking lot of a movie theater.

Officials with Greenville police said they got a call to the Carmike Cinemas movie theater parking lot around 10:20 Wednesday night for an armed robbery.

The victim told officers he used Facebook to arrange a meeting, where he intended to sell shoes to a man. Instead, officers said that seller was faced with a gun and a robber demanding the shoes.

Officials said that victim was not hurt, but he did manage to recall the gunman's license plate number.

Officers said they tracked the plate, and got the robber's house on Holden Drive within seven minutes. However, officials said they tried to contact the man on the phone while setting up lights, a process that took about an hour.

Under arrest is 18-year-old Ricardo Hardison of Holden Dr. in Greenville. In addition to armed robbery, Hardison is facing drug charges. His bond is set at $250,000.

No word on if the victim got his shoes back.