SIX YEARS LATER: Search For Missing Man Continues

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On Monday night, the family of Craig Swain will hold candles during a vigil in his honor as they hold on to hope that he will come home.

It has now been six years since a local family started the search for a missing son, husband, and father.

February 6th marked six years since his mysterious disappearance. The Washington County Sheriff's Office said deputies are still looking as well.

Investigators said they have retraced the now 44-year-old man's steps and determined Swain had been visiting an uncle off Jones White Road in the night he disappeared Washington County back in 2008.

From his uncle's home, deputies tracked Swain to a store, then a party on Jones White Road.

Another party goer reported Swain hit a car and left. Investigators said the person who's car Swain allegedly hit followed him, stopping him twice along the road.

Investigators said the gray area fades in once there was a call made to 911. Deputies started following the truck Swain reportedly had been driving, but deputies cannot say if Swain was still driving that truck when a chase started at 70 miles per hour.

With the police chase wrapping around curvy back roads in Washington and Tyrrell counties, it ended with a crash into a mailbox on Reek Road.

Whoever was driving that truck took off on foot, according to investigators.

Six years later, no word from the missing man.

On Monday, the family will hold a service to honor and remember Craig Swain at the Skinnersville Community Center on Highway 32 North in Roper. The service starts at 6:30 p.m.

Investigators said they have not closed this case and ask anyone with information to contact them at (252) 793-2422.