SHERIFF: Inmate "Beat Down" Jailer, Fracturing Face Bone

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A Greene County inmate may be facing new charges after deputies say he attacked a jailer and punched him repeatedly in the face.

Sheriff Lemmie Smith of Greene County detention officer Lonnie Meadows told inmate Timothy King to go back to his cell Monday afternoon.

"He just got aggressive, Meadows used his pepper spray, and he got knocked down, and he just beat him down," said Sheriff Smith.

King reportedly punched the jailer's face, then calmly walked back to his cell.

The sheriff says Meadows suffered a fractured bone under his eye and a concussion.

New charges against King are now pending.

Meadows has been treated and released from the hospital, but remains off duty for now.

Sheriff Smith said on two previous occasions, jailers recommended King for psychological evaluation. In both cases, King was returned home.

King is currently in jail on charges of misdemeanor second-degree trespassing, communicating threats, and disorderly conduct.