SHERIFF: Pink Hill Man Dies After Meth Lab Explosion

Authorities now say a man died as a result of a meth lab explosion last month in Duplin County.

Sheriff Blake Wallace says Rodney Bryant passed away from complications related to injuries he received in the November 10th explosion on Narcie Turner Lane outside of Pink Hill. An obituary says the 42-year-old Pink Hill man died November 29th.

The explosion happened at an outbuilding at Bryant's home, according to Wallace. He says another man, Justin Blizzard, was burned on his face and hands.

The sheriff says Blizzard, along with Edna Shivar of Pink Hill, and Linwood Parker III, also of Pink Hill, were involved in the meth lab.

Shivar has been charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth, accessory after the fact and destruction of evidence. Blizzard was arrested for accessory after the fact and destruction of evidence, while Parker was charged with a felony probation violation.

Bryant is believed to be the first death in Eastern Carolina related to a meth lab explosion.