SHERIFF: Deputies Beat Robbers To Five Pound Pot Stash

Hanson / Crowley / Weaver

Deputies say three men came to a home outside of Kinston to steal drugs and money, the only problem was lawmen beat them to the drugs by several hours.

Lenoir County Sheriff Chris Hill says Sunday night they received a tip from Kinston police about a large amount of marijuana at a home on Cherry Lane. Around 10:15 p.m. two deputies did a "knock and talk", and the okay was given to search the home.

They found about five pounds of pot in large glass containers in the closet belonging to two of the roommates, Travis Layden and Enrique Luna. A straw filled with hydrocodone was found in Michael Schwartz's room, according to the sheriff.

The three were arrested on various drug charges.

Hill says several hours later, they got a call from the same home for an armed robbery and kidnapping.

A woman not arrested when deputies first visited the home says three men pushed their way into the home around 3:15 a.m. One of the men was armed with a knife, and they demanded money and drugs. Taken was about $200 in cash and a cell phone, but not the drugs which were just seized.

Hill says a patrol deputy spotted the three in a car near U.S. 70 and Highway 258.

Charged with first degree burglary, armed robbery and second degree kidnapping are Kevin Hanson, John Crowley, and Andrew Weaver, all of Goldsboro. The trio is being held on $125,000 bonds.