SCHOOL: Three students stuck by classmate's diabetic kit

Three 6th graders won't have to undergo blood testing after all because they were stuck by a classmate's diabetic kit.

A letter sent home to the parents Monday says it happened late Friday afternoon at Rochelle Middle School in Kinston.

It says around 3:20 p.m., a girl "handed her pricker to another student. The students passed the pricker around, and pricked each other." The teacher saw what was happening and immediately stopped it.

The students involved originally were told to stay home today and tomorrow, not returning to class until they underwent tests to make sure that no diseases were spread.

But Lenoir County Schools spokesman Patrick Holmes says the students can return to school without taking blood tests. Holmes says they checked with the health department which says it's very unlikely that any blood borne pathogens could be spread that way.

Holmes says the school system is still investigating what disciplinary procedures it should take.