SCAM ALERT: Work From Home Scam

It is summertime so a little extra cash flow would be nice. But beware of a new scam that promises you easy money. It turns out you may be helping these folks shuttle illegal goods around.

The Better Business Bureau is extending this warning for any business that emails you with an easy way to make money.

These scams usually are from a business with the name "Send-It-off" or "Pick and Send." The scam comes in when they send you things to box up and send out. They promise to cut you a check for the expense plus your stipend.

So once you sign up, you will get an iPad or other device in the mail, and ship it off. However, you never see the cash. The BBB says chances are, you just sent off illegally obtained electronics.

Here are the red flag terms for bogus jobs like this to watch out for: "Teleworking OK," "Immediate Start," and "No experience needed."