SCAM ALERT: Woman Targeted While Visiting Husband's Grave

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The NC Attorney General's Office says a woman was recently scammed by a man she met at the cemetery while visiting her husband's grave. The state says this is a departure from the normal so-called "sweetheart scams," which frequently begin online on dating websites or social media.

Officials say in this particular case, "the scammer quickly wormed his way into her heart, her home and her bank account."

One difficult aspect of sweetheart scams is that victims are often reluctant to believe they are a victim. It often takes a lot of convincing from other family members or friends to help them see the truth.

The NC Attorney General's Office says they've received complaints from 17 sweetheart scam victims so far in 2013. Those 17 people have lost a combined total of nearly $700,000.

People are urged to report scams to the NC Attorney General's Office by calling (877) 5-NO-SCAM.