SCAM ALERT: Survey Scammers

There is a scam going around asking for your feedback and offering to pay you for it.

The Better Business Bureau cautions you that at first, this scam seems pretty normal. Some of these scammers even using a front like to hook you.

They ask you to answer a few questions about customer service or a purchase, and you get a gift card. But be cautious!

Often the plan is really to hook you into getting a product up for promotion like a weight loss cream. The scammers get you to a certain point after investing some of your time before saying, "Oops! That $50 gift card is out of stock."

Other times, they are fishing for bank or credit information.

Something to keep in mind: it just takes a copy and paste key stroke on a computer to steal a logo and create a legitimate looking offer online.

You are advised to always double check a too-good-to-be-true deal. Even a quick web search may expose the fakes.