SCAM ALERT: Instagram Picture Leads To Con Artists

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As the world of social media grows, scammers are finding new ways into your newsfeeds and computer windows. Now the Better Business Bureau says those scammers are using Instagram to bait victims.

Scam officials are cautioning you about any pictures you see on the picture and video sharing site instagram showing a big pile of cash, encouraging you to find out how to flip a hundred bucks into thousands.

If you see the photo and click on the user's account, they will tell you it is a quick, easy way to make money.

You are asked to load up a prepaid debit card with a hundred bucks, then get the card and pin number to the investor. That investor is supposed to do all the work, adding hundreds or more to your prepaid card.

Actually, they just drain it according to scam officials. Then they block you from the social media account where you found them so there is no tracking the con-artists down.

One way to avoid the scam is to question your friends and even friends of friends when you see a post similar to this one: do not forget just because someone you know posted a photo does not mean they actually did it. Hackers abound in the world of social media.