SCAM ALERT: Ice Bucket Challenge Video Scam

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The ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS is now become a tool for scam artists to not just grab your attention, but also the personal information stored on your computer.

Most of us have seen the ice bucket challenges plaguing our Facebook newsfeeds.

However, if you saw a headline reading "Tragic: Ice Bucket Challenge Kills Girl," you may click on it, right? The Better Business Bureau says avoid it!

There is a link with this very headline circulating on social media now that will take you to a video site which asks users to update their video player.

But scam officials said there's no such upgrade.

This video link is really just a scam to download malware onto your device, which opens you up to identity theft.

Here is how you avoid it: first, do not click on videos that are branded "exclusive, shocking, or sensational" especially if it is not from an organization you know and trust.

Secondly, try hovering over the link before clicking to see where it may take you.