SCAM ALERT: Fake FEMA Workers Go Door-to-Door

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While several communities in our state were hit hard by winter storms this year, now FEMA is warning of impersonators trying to take advantage of home and business owners.

This is a warning from the Federal Emergency Management Agency about fake FEMA workers.

People in Rockingham County have already reported thieves who not only get your personal information, such as social security numbers, but while one person in a pair distracts you the other robs you in your own home.

Keep this in mind: while the Governor did apply and get some federal financial assistance for nine counties in our state after the storm in March, there were not enough uninsured or under-insured people with damage to qualify those counties to receive individualized help. Therefore these individual assessments of damage are not initiated by FEMA.

FEMA is now warning just because someone is wearing their shirt and going door to door does not mean that person is there to help.

A genuine FEMA representative is required to display their laminated ID card at all times.