SCAM ALERT: Checking Into Charities

While there are several charities doing good work everyday, the Better Business Bureau says some scammers have learned the quickest way to pull your purse strings is to tug on your heart strings.

If you are feeling charitable, the BBB is offering the following things to keep in mind before you sign the check.

First, get the charity's exact name. It's good for your records and just in case something does not add up later.

Also, resist the pressure. That applies to people asking for your contribution face to face or over the phone.

Keep in mind that a heart-breaking story is not necessarily an indicator of a bona fide charity. While solicitors may tell you what the problem is, a true charity will tend to focus more on making you part of the solution.

In most states, charities have to register. To check on a charity you are thinking about giving to in North Carolina, click here.