SCAM ALERT: Arthur Clean Up Scammers

Now that a hurricane has hit eastern North Carolina, we have clean up to do.You may have been expecting to see a scam alert about crooks taking advantage of people who need help. Here it is.

Attorney General Roy Cooper's office is offering a couple points to remember if you are dealing with clean up after Hurricane Arthur.

First, do not pay for work up front. A small down payment is one thing, but do not pay a full bill without a contract.

Also, you are advised to avoid paying in cash. Cooper said it is better to have a record of your payment.

If the offer is only good for a limited time- chances are it is not a great offer anyways.

Also, you may get calls asking for money to help victims of the storm. However, if that caller is offering to swing by and pick up your donation remember that it is likely a scammer on the other end of the phone.