SC State Rep.: School Staff Should Be Allowed To Be Armed On Campus

A South Carolina lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow school employees with a concealed weapons permit to bring weapons onto campus.

"It's my belief that the gunmen are choosing a school that there are no guns, no weapons there to defend the children," said Rep. Phillip Lowe (R-SC) of Florence Wednesday.
"I think that's probably true of the ones in the movie theater, at Virginia Tech, all of these have a common theme that is nobody can defend themselves so this gives the teachers, really every employee at the school, be it a custodian, somebody that works in the cafeteria, the ability to actually carry a gun with a concealed weapons permit on the school premises."

Lowe says he's been discussing this concept with teachers, administrators and college presidents since 2007. He also says a benefit is it doesn't cost schools any money.