AFFIDAVIT: Roommate Says Fired Deputy Took Home Drugs From Drop-Off Box

Court documents state a fired Pitt County deputy was seen at his home with blue latex gloves, containing "large amounts of narcotic pain medications".

Those same search warrant affidavits state Detective Tyler Bryan's roommate saw him "five or six times" bring home large amounts of prescription medications from the Medicine Drop box that the county had set up.

The documents were obtained this afternoon by WITN News.

Bryan was arrested Monday by the SBI. He was then fired by Sheriff Neil Elks. The detective with their major crimes unit was charged with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. His arrest warrant says the deputy was accused of telling a pharmacist that he was shorted 41 Percocet pills, which the pharmacist replaced.

The roommate, Paul Arnold, was arrested five days earlier on two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by prescription misrepresentation or "doctor shopping".

The affidavits are part of search warrants for the men's home on Vineyard Drive in Winterville. Documents show the SBI seized several amber prescription vials, prescription labels, along with white tablets in an unlabeled prescription bottle and orange capsules in another.

The court documents also say that Dan Bucci, who is identified as Arnold's partner, confirmed that he saw the deputy bring in "large amounts of prescriptions with other people's names on them and had seen them in Bryan's room."

According to the affidavit, Arnold also told agents that Bryan kept what Bryan called the "controls", or the narcotic prescriptions, in a book bag in his patrol vehicle, while keeping the "non-controls", or the non-narcotic prescriptions, in his room at home.

As for the latex gloves full of pills, "Bryan told Arnold that the pills were not part of evidence and were not tracked," according to the affidavit.

An assistant for a Pitt County physician told the SBI that Bryan took a large amount of narcotic pain medication from the practice, and "stated that he would turn it into the Medicine Drop box for her." The court documents say Bryan told his roommate that a large amount of pain meds seen in their house had come from that doctor's office.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office says Bryan was one of two people that had access to the drop box at the courthouse. Sheriff Neil Elks says he is disturbed by the allegations made in the affidavit, and he told us he wants to restore the public's trust and the trust of local pharmacies.

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A Pitt County deputy who was arrested Monday fraudulently took dozens of Percocet pills from a Winterville pharmacy, according to warrants.

33-year-old Tyler Bryan went before Judge James Martin during a brief first appearance, facing one count of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Lawmen now say the deputy's roommate has also been charged in connection with the case.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office said a local health care provider notified them with a complaint on March 7th. That's when an investigation began and Sheriff Neil Elks referred the case to the SBI on March 10th.

The arrest warrant says Bryan went to the pharmacist at the Walgreens on Winterville Parkway last November 3rd and said his prescription for Percocet, which was filled two days earlier, had been shorted by 41 doses.

The pharmacist gave the deputy another 41 units, but then a pharmacy audit revealed they were 41 dosage units short.

Percocet is a highly addictive pain killer that is made up of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen.

Bryan was placed on administrative leave on Thursday and was fired on Monday after being arrested by the SBI.

He had worked for the Pitt County Sheriff's Office for the past 11 years.

At the hearing, Bryan hired his own attorney and the judge set June 12th as his next court date. He was allowed to leave via a rear courtroom door, away from any cameras.

Meanwhile, warrants show Bryan's roommate was arrested last Thursday on two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by prescription misrepresentation.

31-year-old Paul Arnold was released on a $5,000 bond.

The SBI says Arnold is accused of getting Oxycodone/Acetaminophen on two occasions with one doctor's prescription, but didn't reveal he had already received another type of Schedule II narcotic with a prescription from another physician.

Arnold has a May 8th court date.

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A sheriff's detective has been fired after his arrest today on a drug charge.

The SBI tells WITN News that Detective Tyler Bryan was arrested on one count of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

Bryan has been with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office for the past 11 years and he has been a detective in the major crimes unit.

The 33-year-old was released from jail on an unsecured bond after being arrested by the SBI Diversion and Environmental Crimes Unit.

The Sheriff's Office says on March 7th, a local health care provider notified them with a complaint. An investigation began, and on March 10th Sheriff Neil Elks referred the case to the SBI.

Bryan was placed on administrative leave on Thursday, and then was fired after being arrested.

The detective worked at one point as the department's investigator to control prescription fraud and diversion.

A grant report said Bryan worked with area pharmacists and doctors who contacted him when they received what they thought were fraudulent prescriptions.