NEW INFO: Man Accused Of Scamming Elderly Greenville Women

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One man is facing multiple charges, after police say he scammed two elderly women from the east.

41-year-old William Register of Rocky Mount has a laundry list of charges, dating back to January 2013.

Greenville Police Public Information Officer Kristen Hunter says, "Mr. Register acted as a repair man. He convinced these people that they need work done. Once he collected the money, the work was done in substandard fashion or not at all, and in many of the cases the work was unnecessary."

The families of those women in their 70's and 80's, alerted Greenville Police a month ago.

Hunter says, "Unfortunately elderly people can become more of a target because a lot of times they're more trusting. In many cases, they don't alert police or are less likely to alert police."

The Council on Aging of Pitt County educates seniors on how to not become a victim .

Executive Director Diane Skalko says, "I would recommend they call the agency or whoever the person came from and verify that they're actually employed there. Always if you're dealing with contractors, that they're licensed and have insurance and that type of thing. Really check out who you're using."

The Council on Aging says if senior citizens need help with home repairs, they partner with local churches to assist.

As for the suspect William Register, police say he faces similar charges of obtaining property by false pretense, and exploiting a disabled or elderly person in Wake County too.

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A Rocky Mount man is accused of scamming tens of thousands of dollars out of two elderly women in Greenville.

Greenville police say William Register of Rocky Mount convinced a 76-year-old woman and an 87-year-old woman that their homes needed repairs. According to police spokeswoman Kristen Hunter, "the work was in most instances, unnecessary; and whether necessary or not, was performed minimally, in a substandard fashion, or was not performed at all."

Register is facing several charges from multiple incidents with the two women. He is facing similar charges in Raleigh.

Register is scheduled for his next court appearance on Wednesday in Pitt County. His bond is set at $250,000.