Richlands Man Camping Out For Black Friday 9 Days Early

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A Richlands man looking to score big savings on electronics is already camping out for Black Friday at the Jakcsonville Best Buy.

Robert Prine set his tent up outside the Best Buy Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. He wants to make sure to get an Xbox One gaming system, which hits the shelves Thursday night at midnight, but he's not calling it quits there. Prine says he'll be camping out until Black Friday for a 65" Samsung TV, which he says will save him more than $1,000.

The deals aren't the only reason he's living off the sidewalk. He says the experience is what makes the low prices worth the wait.

"How often in America do you get to sit down with your neighbors and your friends, and camp out, and be good neighbors and look out for one another?" asked Prine.

Prine says he's camped out for Black Friday before, but never longer than 48 hours. He told us he was mad that he wasn't the first person in the country to set up a tent. People at a Best Buy in Akron, Ohio got there first.