Ribbon Cutting For New Low Income Housing Complex In Greenville

A new $10.9 million dollar project in the east will soon become home to 84 low income families.

The NRP Group, which manages over 96 multi-family, senior, and student housing properties across the country, unveiled the Winslow Pointe housing complex Wednesday on Hooker Road in Greenville.

Mayor Allen Thomas says, "This will be a great beautiful place to call home for 84 families, where children can grow up in a safe environment and have an opportunity to have a quality place to live. Some of them are playing in glass and broken areas and now they are going to have a wonderful place to call home."

Moses Geddis lives near Winslow Pointe and has some concerns. Geddis says, "I'm concerned about crime and drugs. That was my first thought and I'm hoping that that doesn't have that type of negative impact on our community."

Mayor Thomas says he expects this will make a positive impact on the Greenville community. Thomas says, "What you want is for the residents to take pride in their neighborhood and that all begins by having a quality product."

Two of the eight units are move in ready, and tenants are scheduled to start moving in next week. The rest of the units will be fully occupied by mid May.

The complex hasn't opened yet, but all of the apartments are already taken.