Restaurant Delivery Drivers Get Stun Guns Following Robbery In Carteret County

A female delivery driver in Carteret County was robbed at gunpoint and now deputies are looking for the robber while the restaurant she works for is providing all drivers with stun guns.

The delivery driver robbed has worked at Joanni's in Morehead City eight years. Friday night someone called in an order asking specifically for change for a $100.00 bill. The driver says when she got to trailer number 24 at the Atlantic Mobile Home Park, the place was dark. When she knocked on the door-- deputies say a man held her up with a rifle, took $500.00 dollars and the food.

Owner Jeff Turnage made some changes to their delivery procedures. "No more large amounts of cash carried by employees, no more change for $100.00, and we're going to verify phone numbers and addresses before they even leave the restaurant."

Turnage also supplied all of his delivery drivers with stun guns and a drop box to keep cash secure between deliveries. He's just glad his employee wasn't hurt.

Deputies are following leads. If you have any information call crimestoppers. They are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.